Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pratibha Patil gifts air-miles to Dr Manmohan Singh

New Delhi. After the recent revelation that Dr Manmohan Singh spent 620 crores in 9 yrs for foreign trips, Pratibha Patil has decided to do her bit for  social welfare by gifting her accumulated “air miles” to him. Faking News recently interviewed Pratibha Patil to discuss the same:

Faking News (FN) : Ma’am what made you take such a step?
Pratibha Patil (PP) : It was but natural. I have traveled worldwide till date and accumulated air-miles from various airlines. Where will I go with so many air-miles as I can’t redeem them now?
Manmohan Singh and Pratibha Patil
MMS happy to get the free air-miles

FN : How did you collect so many air-miles as the whole nation was under the impression that you always travel by Air India?

PP : As per protocol, I should have been using Air India, but could not really help. You know, they don’t even have a private suite with sliding doors in their business class. How uncool is that??

FN : Must have been stressful right? Travelling so much…

PP : Oh no no! Not at all. I used to take my relatives and family friends too. We used to have a blast. Awww I miss those days. :(

FN: So ma’am tell us about an memorable incident abroad…

PP : The last time I went to the US (you know via Singapore via Sri Lanka via Africa) the US immigration officials let me enter with my favourite  achaar too without objecting since I was such a regular visitor.

FN : Ma’am but why didn’t u just go directly to USA instead of going via so many countries?
PP : Shut up you are just jealous of me. Seems like u have not seen that Scooty Pep ad “Why should boys have all the fun??” :)

FN : Oh yes.

PP : You should come and see my souvenir collection. It’s real huge.

FN: Wow. I am impressed!

PP : Lol you will be more impressed when you see my flicked toiletries collection.

FN : “WTF?? I am stunned” (Rannvijay style)

PP : “Kya karu, hotels ki toiletries itni attractive lagti thi. Control hi nahi ho paya.
FN : Any words of advise for Dr Manmohan?
PP : Yes of course. As I keep telling my grand kids ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small ‘foreign relations’ excuse.
Disclaimer: The above article is a work of pure fiction & is meant to be taken in good humour. 
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  1. Good to see a post from you after a long time. The gap surely must have helped PP add to her collection of airmiles.

    1. Haha !Indeed she must hv added a few thousand airmiles in the gap. Was busy with my exams. Finally FREE TO TROLL !! :)

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