Saturday, 2 February 2013

McDonald’s to pay heavy compensation to lady for delivering the wrong burger

The root cause of trouble
In a recent case of negligence fast food giant McDonald’s delivered the wrong burger to Ms Gupta. Ms Gupta narrated the whole story to us and was kind enough to serve us expired Rooh Afzah while we gave her a patient hearing:
“I had returned late from office & was too tired to cook. so I had ordered a Mc Aloo tikki burger meal on the phone. I am a staunch vegetarian so I never consume any of their non veg items. In about 45 mins the delivery boy rang my bell. I paid the bill and when I opened the box I was shocked to find a huge burger. It had not 1 but 2 tikkis in it!”

“I was so shocked that I decided that I will surely
 sue them for this fault!”“Since I was too hungry I just opened the paper wrapping & started eating it like a famished kid. I must admit that it was QUITE large than it usually is. And hell yeah !! It did taste a lot better than before. In fact it was a challenge even biting the burger.For some strange reason the tikkis were succulent, soft & didn’t taste like the ordinary ones. After finishing my burger I was just munching a lettuce leaf that had fallen on my plate when I noticed the non-veg sign on the wrapper!”
“I am a very religious person. I immediately called up my pundit for consultation and he said for this sin I will have to feed a cow grass for the next 8 months every morning at 11:35 sharp. Now I am in a big dilemma coz I can’t really take a cow with me to my MNC office campus in Gurgaon to feed it. You know it looks kinda awkward. After some intense negotiations with my pundit I have finally worked out a way to accomplish this task,” she came up with more details.”
“My maid will feed the cow on my behalf and I will sit in my office and watch the live stream & say soothing words to the cow through Skype.  Brilliant idea right???”"
Reporter- Ya absolutely ma’am.!! Infact calling it brilliant would be an understatement , it’s simply revolutionary.I am sure the founders of Skype will be very proud of you today.
Our source Mr Khoofia Khabri on the condition of anonymity described the court scene a lil bit-
McD lawyer- We gave you a Mc Maharaja burger at the price of a Mc Aloo tikki.Instead of being grateful to us, you filed a court case against us.
Ms Gupta- See judge sahib they want to take advantage of my ignorance.
McD lawyer -Holy shit!! how can u realize that it was non veg AFTER eating the whole burger up?
Ms Gupta- No, no nothing doing.It’s your fault pay up.My cousin who lives in the Amreeka also sued her local pizza outlet for giving 1 sachet of oregano seasoning instead of 2.The pizza outlet had to pay her a hefty compensation for this mistake.
McD lawyer- My lord the lady doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.
Judge- LOL! I dare you to say that to your wife. I will be more than happy to judge your divorce case.
Ms Gupta – This is the problem nobody understands the emotional , sociological, psychological problems suffered by me. after consuming the non veg burger
McD lawyer- Bitch plz!! I saw u googling these words on your laptop before the court session
Judge- After hearing the pleas of both parties I have come to the conclusion that McDonalds will have to pay up a GRAND sum of Rs 15000 to Ms Gupta for this grave error on your part. This is in accordance with the consumer protection act laws. & now time for my random insignificant quote of the day                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Ladies and gentlemen as u can see everyone is equal in the eyes of law. Whether u are a douchebag or not”
After winning the court case Ms Gupta was seen partying & enjoying Butter chicken with her friends at Pappu da dhaba.
Reporter- Ma’am but we thought you were veg?
Ms Gupta- Ya ur right.I WAS veg.
Reporter – So aren’t you feeling guilty after consuming non veg??
Ms Gupta sarcastically remarked- Oh no not at all.Infact I’m lovin it !! :P
Disclaimer- The above article is a work of pure fiction & is meant to be taken in good humour. The author is kinda veg on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Mondays due to religious reasons & is kinda non veg on the other days of the week. The author admires the whole concept of vegetarianism and personally adores the brave people who defy all odds & end up ordering Paneer roll in KFC while their friends gobble down a few KFC chicken buckets sitting right in front of them.
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  1. Orders for McD aloo tikki burgers have witnessed a huge upswing. Orders for Maharaja Mac, on the other hand, have dwindled. The wide coverage in social media to Ms. Gupta's case is understood to be the reason behind his. People wanting to eat the maharaja order aloo tikki since they know that McD will deliver a maharaja. After eating the maharaja at aloo tikki price, they will even be able to get the aloo tikki price back by suing them.

  2. Hmmmm the plot is getting more interesting...

    *orders 1 plate Jain chicken in excitement* ;)
    (P.S Jain chicken- speciality of gujju land)
    #Vibrant Gujarat

    1. Meanwhile, arch-rival KFC, trying to keep pace McD, has converted to an all-Jain menu in a bid to attract all meat-lovers in the country to come and order Jain burgers hoping...

    2. haha!! Innovative indeed. Can't wait for raw grass to be served in my KFC Zinger burger!! (Oh wait a min ! Did I just reveal Subway's business secret by mistake?? Damn!! Expecting a legal notice from them soon) ;)


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