Saturday, 1 November 2014

Salman Khan fans trend hashtag #illrideonyou to express their solidarity with drunken driving offenders

(Article featured on FirstPost -Click Here .My humble dedication to the douchebag that Bhai truly is :P No offense.)


Shortly after the Sydney hostage siege,  in an inspirational show of religious tolerance Australians started trending the hashtag #illridewithyou over twitter globally, thereby declaring their solidarity with Muslims and other religions who maybe worried that they might be targeted because of their religious attire.  

Motivated by this online movement, Salman Khan fans across India resorted to tweeting their own version of it  '#illrideonyou'. Everything looked nice & beautiful till the nation realized they meant it quite literally.

"It was a very logical thing to do, if you ask me.As Indians we seek to make our mark globally. Be it films, sports or business. A hashtag dedicated to spread the message of goodness, peace & drunken driving escapades was the least we could do for him" said Ramesh, a diehard Sallu fan fondly known as @Chinkaras4LyfBitches on Twitter.

Hashtags have often served as a reliable
 medium of social change.The hashtag  #illrideonyou came as a refreshing change to the current trending topics. Since the last few days the nation was busy passionately tweeting  
#3daysforLingaa,#2daysforLingaa  & #1dayforLingaa #JesusDiedForYourSinsIWillDieForMyThalaiva.

The nation wholeheartedly agrees Salman has always taken very active interest in enabling social change through various mediums be it his NGO Being Human or for that matter 'Jai Ho' film in which Bhaiiiii singlehandedly solved more social evils than 3 seasons of Satyamev Jayate put together.

''You tell me the Big Bang explosion was a lie. I'll believe you. You tell me Advani is the only surviving soul who actually saw the dinosaurs getting extinct.I'll still believe you. But never ever ever dare to call Sallu anti social. Bet you didn't get an invite to Arpita Khan's wedding. No wonder you're bitching about him '' said Amit before jumping into an impromptu 'Jumme ki raat hai' dance sequence.

Even though such positive vibes were generated with this pro Sallu campaign, there were certain sections of society who strongly opposed it.Blueline bus owners association which got banned from operating their buses on Delhi's roads few years back were strongly optimistic that the hashtag #illrideonyou should have been used to relaunch their deadly bus services.

In an alternate universe where even Dino Morea is looking forward to relaunch his film career as witnessed in his 'Happy New Year' film cameo, are equally optimistic of the Blueline buses coming back in business in 2015.

Disclaimer : The above work is completely fictitious pretty much like the Parsi population in India. In which case do allow me to crack a few #YoDikraSoFat  jokes. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead is purely coincidental just like how blonde babes seem to pop up out of thin air in Punjabi music videos.
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